Hey, y'all, here's a cool surprise that was waiting for me this morning! My friend, Paul Taras Wolkowinski, (...unanimously considered by the worldwide physical fitness community at large as the world's Grandmaster of Indian Club Swinging!), recently heard an advance release from my new CD Album, "Latin Lounge", and got inspired to create a workout choreography, using the song, "Let's Just Go....". And, all I can say is - I love it! This sequence is both simple and intricate, with a sophisticated flow that puts the viewer in the same meditative alpha-zone that Paul is emanating with his every move. It's elegant badasserie as an art form! Cheers, Paul!!! Thanks☺️ Please check out Paul's Site!!  https://www.indianclubs.com.au/



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Heads up, Amigos!


Friends, my fourth single, "Emerald Coast", from my New CD, "Latin Lounge" is now available worldwide on ALL digital platforms!  




This song, again in the Lounge/World Music style, is really good for calming oneself before meditation.  It's also great for accompanying a yoga session!  It features Carlos Malta on his beautiful French 18th century ebony flute! 😁🥂👏🏽

My music will move your body, touch your heart, and soothe your soul!🧡


This music raises consciousness, brings people together, and promotes peace.



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Thanks, Friends!  Luv&Light, Frank🎶😎




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