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"Emerald Coast", from my New CD, "Latin Lounge"

"Emerald Coast" by Frank Colón

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    Frank Colón’s music will move your body and soothe your soul.  His sophisticated, hot, and soulful music raises consciousness, brings people together, and promotes peace! 

     Frank is a specialist in Latin-Caribbean, Brazilian, and Asian percussion instruments, including congas, bongos, timbales, bata drums, shekere, cuica, berimbau, and tabla drums, among others.

    The Frank Colón Band consists of (1) a Quartet (piano/keyboards, bass, drums, percussion) or (2) Quintet (piano/keyboards, bass, sax/trumpet, drums, percussion) performing songs from his CDs. 

    Frank is also available for motivational percussion clinics as well as recording work.

    About Frank latest release: Latin Lounge

    “Infectious original Latin jazz Frank Colón – LATIN LOUNGE:  The dictionary definition for “infectious” is “likely to spread or influence others in a rapid manner“… as you watch and listen to the video for the 4:26 opener, “Emerald Coast“, you’ll find yourself totally enchanted with Frank’s original Latin jazz!  I give Frank and his stellar crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99. ”
    - Dick Metcalf (aka: Dr Jazz)


             Frank Colon’s new album is different in the following ways: it’s more lush and romantic than most other releases, but in a very modern way. This is a mix of the traditional with 21st-century approaches. Sure, you get plenty of brass instruments, percussion, accordions, guitars, and flutes, all in the Brazilian traditions, but there are also samples, synthesizers, and other types of electric keyboards which often imitate a full string orchestra. On the surface, Latin Lounge may sound a little New Age-ish, maybe even a little “lite,” but as a whole, it’s compelling because these original tracks are incredibly accessible–and not in an overly commercial manner. It’s world music that makes you want to explore more world music.

    (Mark Phillips - Feature writer for Ultimate Audio, AudioEnz, TONEAudio, Positive Feedback Online and here at Part-Time Audiophile, among others.- Dec. 2019)


             Percussionist Frank Colon assembled a cast of 15 other accomplished musicians to join him on his warmly produced and original “Latin Lounge” project. …In some numbers like “Easy Does It,” Colon’s “lounge/world” music has a soothing quality that is both mesmerizing and reflective, while other tracks like “Samba Gitano” and “Wishful Thinking” are more explosive. On first impression, one might feel that some songs have underlying rhythmic or melodic currents of repetitive predictability. Closer listens will yield many examples of the musicians’ confidence, evocative messages, and interpretive twists. I especially enjoyed the variety of sounds offered on “Latin Lounge.” Opening with “Emerald Coast,” we hear Carlos Malta’s 18th century ebony flute, and “Let’s Just Go” is a showcase for Elton Ricardo’s Fender Rhodes piano. “Samba Gitano” shines the spotlight on Estevão Lima’s bass and Kleyton Martins’ keyboards. Jose Staneck’s harmonica is featured on “Easy Does It,” while Jamie Glaser’s acoustic guitar work shines on “Spanish Heart.” I enjoyed Jose Arimateia’s trumpet on “Bali,” and “Tango Lucumí” is a standout with Roman Miroshnichenko’s flamenco guitar and Mateus Viana’s accordion. Colon has lofty goals for his music. He hopes it will move your body, touch your heart, soothe your soul, raise your consciousness, bring people together, and promote peace. With vision, spirit and sensitivity, “Latin Lounge” goes a long ways towards meeting his objectives.

    (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report - Jan. 22, 2020)