Summer Cocktail

Frank Colon

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My music touches your heart and moves your body. My grooves raise consciousness, bringing people together and promoting peace throughout the world.

The personnel on this track are: - Daniel Figueiredo: Additional Synths - Estevão Lima: Bass - Jr. Lobbo: Electric Guitar - Carlos Malta: Flautas - Kleyton Martins: Keyboards - Cristiano Rocha: Drums - José Staneck: Harmonica - Frank Colón: Percussion, Programing

This song literally began more like a jingle, as I had basically written a quick groove to use as background for a video idea. But, while I eventually scrapped the video concept, I really felt this groove in my gut, and it refused to let me go! It always got me rockin’ in my desk chair…you know?!

So I went back to it and re-worked my original “quick-jingle-beat” into more of a voyage, while I waited…. and, then, my friend, Julio Falavigna, turned me on to Bianca Gismonti’s fine CDs,,,, and it was there that I first heard and felt José Staneck’s harmonica. As soon as I heard that sound, I knew this song had been getting ready and waiting for “Stan, The Man” to grace it with his magic! As you listen to all of the “collective heart” that’s in this track, I’m sure you’ll feel the same goose-bumps that I do…!

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