From the recording Let's Just Go...

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Let’s Just Go…
- José Arimateia: Trumpet
- Estevão Lima: Bass
- Luana Mallet: Vocals
- Kleyton Martins: Keyboards
- Cristiano Rocha: Drums
- Frank Colón: Percussion, Programing
Once again, I learned from this song that an artist, at times, must be flexible while conducing the process of their creation to its completion.  While Wayne Shorter affirms that “No song of mine is ever finished…they’re ALL works in progress!” (…and, maybe he’s right?!), I strive hard to keep my grooves real tight, both in the studio as performing “live”!  
But, I digress… I originally wrote this as a piece for a harp soloist.  And my original tracks had a symphony harp as the lead voice.  But, as I went along, the song kept getting more boudoir-like, more reminiscent of a Latino film noir seduction dance scene than the celestial tones of the harp.  
So, I scratched the “harp idea” and decided to bring in a fresh Carioca trumpet player - José Arimateia - instead.  I had called him so he’d record a couple of other songs, but his tone and his vibe uplifted the session, so I had him take a pass at “Let’s Just Go…”, and he took it to where I wanted it to go.  Singer, Luana Mallet, stopped by the studio, heard what we were doing and got into it,,, so I had her cut the vocal track that my partner, Daniel, and I had been “hearing” for about a week.