1. Spanish Heart

From the recording Spanish Heart

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Spanish Heart 
- José Arimateia: Trumpet
- Roman Miroshnichenko: Acoustic Guitar
- Luana Mallet: Vocals
- Kleyton Martins: Keyboards
- Christiano Rocha: Drums
- Frank Colón: Percussion, Bass Sequencing
This is one of those songs that one has to simple be grateful for, because I have no idea where it came from.
It was one of those moments where one is totally relaxed, with one’s hands running lightly over an instrument, and not thinking about anything.  One isn’t expecting anything…. we’re just….open and relaxed.
The bass line was the first to show up, in parts.  I heard it in my head complete before I could actually play it at the speed that I was hearing it… something that I never really got.  Thank Apple for Logic!  It really took me a while to get it “correct and relaxed”!  And, in the end, I’ve got my Bro, Daniel, to thank for helping find the best upright bass sound for the track.
“Spanish Heart” features the beautiful Flamenco guitar of my friend (…and one of Russia’s premier musician/composers) Roman Miroshnichenko.  When I tell my friends that the guitarist on this song is from Moscow, everybody says, “What?!”.  
Much like a Flamenco singer, Luana Mallet uses her voice like an instrument, while letting her heart coax her vocal timing.  She was actually not familiar with the Reguetón groove that kicks in at part “B”, so she listened to the groove a few times…..we dimmed the studio lights….and then she did these vocalizations.  We didn’t need but one take.