1. Easy Does It

“Easy Does It” is an expression in the English language which is most often interpreted as meaning that “something that one is trying to accomplish will be better achieved through finesse, as opposed to via brute force.”

So, after going through 30 different songs that I’ve written, my best friend, Daniel, and I chose nine songs for this new CD. And, I was actually cool with that… until Daniel looked at me and said, “Bro, you’ve got to write another song
that complements this album’s Latin lounge thing! We’ve got to make it a CD with 10 songs!” So, I got back home and went to my studio and racked my brains trying to “create” another tune for this list!

Well… three or four days into this and nothing seemed to come to mind….. and, suddenly, when I’m just stroking the keyboard, trying out sounds… the intro all of a sudden came through. From there, I channeled the bass line and began constructing the other parts, letting them come in on their own. The melody was the last one to show up.

- José Arimateia: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
- Daniel Figueiredo: Additional Synths
- Estevão Lima: Bass
- Kleyton Martins: Keyboards
- Cristiano Rocha: Drums
- Frank Colón: Percussion, Programing