From the recording Summer Cocktail

This song has a groove that doesn’t quit! That’s mostly because of Kleyton Martin’s keyboards and Cristiano Rocha’s drums.

When Cristiano came in to the recording, he took it to another level. A higher level!

At this point, at Daniel’s suggestion, I had Estevão Lima track the bass,,,, and he enhanced it even more! It’s brilliant!

I then sent the song to guitarist, Jamie Glaser, in Provo, Utah, with sheet music to perform, and he did a great job!

Returning to Rio, the track was ready for Arimateia. In the studio, José and myself took the original sitar tracks that I composed for part “B” and separated the Hindu chords into notes for his trumpets. My idea of part “B” is to evoke
“inter-dimentional time travel”…… what do you think?

- José Arimateia: Trumpet
- Jamie Glaser: Acoustic Guitar
- Estevão Lima: Bass
- Kleyton Martins: Keyboards
- Cristiano Rocha: Drums
- Frank Colón: Percussion, Programing