1. Tango Lucumí
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Here, again, I’m combining cultures in the music as well as in the title. You see, as this song showed up in my consciousness, it just felt more African to me than it did, Argentinian. So, when I began working around at home with it, I actually tested some Cuban Batá drums in this groove. And, you know? It would have worked… sort of.

But, while I took out the religious drums, I maintained the Yoruba feeling in the percussion playing-style, as well as in the tuning. This, I feel, still propels the essence of this song.

Julio Falavigna’s drumming is another propulsion factor, as he gentlemanly assumes command of the rhythmic engine. And, as a Brazilian from the south and well versed in Gaucho customs, folklore and music, he was the perfect choice for “Tango Lucumí”!

As we were mixing Julio’s drum tracks at Daniel’s studio, I mentioned that it was a crying shame that I didn’t know any readily-available Bandoneón players! As soon as the studio engineer (…and guitarist!), Junior Lobbo, heard me, he said that he knew “this badass accordionist, that lives real close to me… 40 minutes away!” So, we called him immediately,,, he came over in 45 minutes ,,, listened to the song a couple of times… and laid down this track on his second take!

- José Arimateia: Trumpet
- Julio Falavigna: Drums
- Daniel Figueiredo: Additional Synths
- Estevão Lima: Bass
- Kleyton Martins: Keyboards
- Mateus Viano: Accordion
- Frank Colón: Percussion, Programing